You can buy Lami Super Booster Lash Lift and eyelash/eyebrow lamination products from our distributors in the following countries:

Italy LashDream

Russia Burano OOO

Lithuania MB Grazi Dama

Poland Pimp My Lashes

Slovenia Beautysense

Germany Lash Up

Iran Lashbar Roma

Become a Lash Super Booster distributor and get a discount on all Lash Lift products and exclusive rights in your country or region.

Are you interested in becoming our distributor/reseller? 
We screen our producers very thoroughly and sell our lash lift/brow lamination products either directly or through distributors.

Benefits of Being a Distributor:

  1. Discounts on all products
  2. Opportunity of having exclusive sales rights in a particular country or region (terms to be agreed)
  3. Free online training
  4. Marketing materials starter package provided by us

Lash Super booster is an Italian brand of high quality professional Lash Lift products. Product range includes everything needed for Lash Lift treatments and eyelash lamination as well as after care products for daily use. Lash Super Booster is exclusively produced in Europe.

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